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Tata Harper

Tata Harper formulas are developed using the most advanced natural skincare technology available on the globe. They are developed with chemists, biologists, botanists and integrated medicine practitioners all over the world to stay on top of the latest natural ingredient discoveries, extraction techniques and preservation technologies to bring the most effective products available in the natural skincare market.

Tata Harper formulas contain no generic fillers or premade bases. Every ingredient has a specific purpose and delivers targeted results. Tata Harper Skincare packs between 9 and 38 active ingredients in every bottle. Multiactive formulas result in multifunctioning products – which means you only buy one powerful product, not 6.

Owning the research, development and production process from start to finish ensures high quality every step of the way. Tata Harper manufactures in small batches in their Vermont laboratory so that the products are as fresh as possible when they get to your doorstep.