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Skin Lightening & Radiance Complex

Susanne Kaufmann

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The serum visibly reduces hyper-pigmentation and refines the skin’s appearance.


A complex made from pea extract helps to brighten the complexion, leaving the skin sustainably smoothed and luminous. At the same time, the age-related slow skin cell regeneration is accelerated. Clinical tests have shown that this active ingredient visibly reduces the difference between the skin tone and hyper-pigmented aging spots in only fourteen days. The Skin Lightening and Radiance Complex is a light and fast absorbing serum with a fresh and natural scent.

How to use

Apply in the evening and gently massage in. Subsequently apply the Repair Night Cream Skin Control. The serum is suited for all kinds of pigment disorders such as aging spots and can be applied on hands and neckline as well.


acqua (water)caprylyl glycolmethyl glucose sesquistearatesodium hydroxidecapryloyl glycinesebacic acid copolymerpropylheptyl caprylatexanthan gumcaprate glycerinsucrose palmitatestearyl alcoholglyceryl linoleatesodium hyaluronatesqualaneoctyldodecanolechium plantagineum seed oilhelianthus annuus (sun flower) oil unsaponifiablesoleyl alcoholdioscorea villosa (wild yam) root extractplankton extractlecithincetyl alcoholbutyrospermum parkii (shea butter) fruit extracttocopheryl acetatepisum sativum (pea) extractcyclodextrinvigna aconitifolia (moth bean) seed extract (source of Vitamin A) maltodextrincassia angustifolia seed polysaccharidemoringa pterygosperma extractglycine soja (soybean) sterolssaccharide isomeratecitric acid sodium citrateparfum (fragrance)